"We are becoming a major facilitator in the beef industry as it pertains to enhancing the genetic value of the product and improving the market place return to the producer".

 John Burbank, CEO

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What is Seedstock Plus?

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Its All About Teamwork

Seedstock Plus started the new century dedicated to a simple notion: blaze a path to compete in the evolving beef industry which demands more volume, more predictability and more service. In order to achieve that, while still maintaining the independent family operations that each of our members represents, we committed ourselves to working cooperatively among ourselves and with reputable partners from other segments of the beef industry.

This willingness to cooperate has allowed our members to offer more than 2200 Angus, Balancer, Gelbvieh and Red Angus bulls produced from more than 10,000 cows from 60+ herds. This commitment has allowed us to offer the most proven genetics and a customer service program second to none in the industry.

The marketing program for the bulls was based on a single premise: provide the type of service and quality of genetics we would expect ourselves plus a bonus or two. This standard can be boiled down to these fundamental guarantees.

  Volume and Uniformity
  Regionally & Genetically Acclimated
  Bull Guarantee
  Complete Data and EPD's
  Quick Bull Delivery and Replacement
  Sight Unseen Purchases Guaranteed
  Marketing Assistance Program (M.A.P.)

We're About More Than Just Bull Sales

We've incorporated strategic alliances in our overall plan to efficiently fill voids in customer service. Through partners like Pfizer Animal Health, Caprock Industries and ABS Global, we have raised the bar in providing our members and customers access to profit enhancing services and resources.

Our large base of breeders allows us to constantly evaluate the genetics under real world conditions, not just in artificial environments and limited geographical areas.  Because of this, we have an edge in being your source of genetic material whether you are looking for commercial bulls, high-end herd sires or females that will work in seedstock or commercial herds.

Making This Web Site a Part of Your Management Toolbox

Click your way down the links and read about the many facets of Seedstock Plus. You will be impressed with the diversity of its management, its affiliates and its many members.  Pick up the phone and call somebody.  Put the strength of Seedstock Plus into your breeding and marketing program. Let us be your first stop on the way to improving your breeding operation.


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