Management  Focuses on the Future and the People

Successful ventures may be born of dreams but it is only hard work and persistence that make them viable in the long run. Seedstock Plus was born not only of dreams but of careful research and a focused vision from experienced people working hard and smart. 

John Burbank serves as the President and CEO of Seedstock Plus LLC. As he and other successful breeders shared ideas on the future, they all readily acknowledged it was going to take more than hard work for breeders like them to remain competitive and thrive in the next century. Technology was moving extremely fast and to use the old trial drive adage, they weren't planning to eat dust, they were going to make dust.

In the ensuing incubation period, John proved to be the catalyst and a number of other breeders who shared the same vision joined him to "seize the day". Structurally, there is a Board of Directors who provide  a huge pool of experience and talent and a group of Regional Coordinators to help with the day to day management across the country. What is remarkable though, is the level of commitment and focus that all the members of Seedstock Plus bring to the table. This is a group of breeders who are not afraid of the future but relish its opportunities.

It is no big secret in the industry that the tools which Seedstock Plus are providing will likely be the primary method of management in the future. These are the programs that will allow many producers to get on the cutting edge and remain there. With the never ending flow of technology, new market targets and consumer awareness, it is beyond the capability of most outfits to compete in the top tier without the support of a Seedstock Plus.

Dedicated Members

Seedstock Plus Members are veteran, credible and progressive producers that are totally committed to industry leading genetics and customer service.

Quality Genetics

Genetic discovery and evaluation is the cornerstone of the program. Providing quality genetics in volume within the key breeds of Angus, Balancer, Gelbvieh and Red Angus. These bulls have documented pedigrees, a tremendous amount of data and are called vigorously...Genetic Quality Control!

Sight-Unseen Purchases

'Hassle Free' Sight-unseen  purchases and Full Satisfaction Guarantee. If you cannot attend the sale, visit with us about your specific needs and budget. We will then purchase bulls on your behalf and deliver them to you on approval. If you are satisfied with the quality and price, the bulls are yours. If the bulls don't meet your approval , you don't own them!

Free Trucking

Trucking is free! Or bring your trailer sale day and deduct $50 per bull from your purchase price.

Bull Warranty Program

Every bull Seedstock Plus markets has passed a complete breeding soundness exam regardless of age and is individually evaluated for structure and disposition.  It is Seedstock Plus's responsibility to cull any problems identified in these areas.

All Seedstock Plus bulls sell with a breeder's guarantee that covers fertility, structure and disposition for the first breeding season (six months).  If any bull we sell fails during the first season due to fertility, structure or disposition, we'll replace the problem bull with a bull of equal quality or issue a credit toward the purchase of another Seedstock Plus bull equal to the original purchase price of the problem bull minus any salvage value.
In addition to the breeder's guarantee, Seedstock Plus offers a six month warranty for injury or death.  The warranty is optional but highly recommended because it covers any and all injuries or death on the purchased bull for six months.  The cost of the additional warranty is 4% of the purchase price and must be purchased at settlement time.
In the instance of a warranted bull that is injured or dies, Seedstock Plus will replace the problem bull with a bull of equal quality or issue a credit toward the purchase of another Seedstock Plus bull equal to the original purchase price of the problem bull minus any salvage value.
Customers with a problem bull should contact the Seedstock Plus office immediately.

M.A.P. (Marketing Assistance Program)

All calves sired by Seedstock Plus bulls are eligible for this program. It is simple-just call and let us know what you have and we will provide a completive bid. If you accept this bid, we will buy the calves! Or if you prefer, partnerships with S+ or a feed lot can be arranged.

Design-A-Bull Program

Seedstock Plus has initiated the Design-A-Bull program to enable producers to get the specific genetics developed for their environment and timeline. This program capitalizes on the large S+ genetic pool and lets you specify breeds, pricing and development method. Give us your specs or utilize or expertise to design specs to fit your goals.


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